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Smile Design - VVS

By Dr. Aulak

Dr. Deepak Aulak specialises in cosmetic makeovers and smile designs. His trademark is restoring smiles that have been damaged through disease or bacteria. Having an artistic eye, Dr. Aulak uses his signature VVS procedure to help patients attain their dream smile. Here is an example of his cases, that use a combination of tissue preservation and minimal intervention techniques.


Smile Design 1

Problem: Dark front tooth

Cause: Fall that patient experienced over 10 years ago

Patients aims: restore tooth within weeks, and improve confidence

Dr. Aulak's aims: long term solution that can be achieved within patients timescales

Dental techniques: whitening and single unit crown. Preserving all other teeth and their natural features

Successful outcome: All the features such as see through areas at tips of the teeth, grooves, staining and colour were replicated in the single fake tooth. The underlying dark tooth was also masked and prevented from shining through.


Smile Design 2

Problem: Dark front teeth

Cause: Disease caused the nerves inside to expire, and overtime the tooth discoloured. The patient had lived with this smile for years before she found a quick and easy treatment.

Patients aims: Make the central middle teeth blend in with the rest of her teeth, whilst also reshaping the side middle teeth. The patient wanted to keep a small gap between the middle teeth as this was natural smile everyone was used to.

Dr. Aulak's aims: Ensure the patients aesthetic aims were met whilst delivering a long term treatment option.

Dental techniques: composite bonding on the side teeth, with crown placement on the middle two teeth.

Successful outcome:  Even though the front two teeth are comprised of different materials (centrals are porcelain and the side teeth are composite) they both blend in perfectly. The smile is of the same characteristics compared to the smile at the beginning and this was important for the patient - as she wanted it to be a natural smile all of her friends and family were already used to.

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