Dr. Aulak is often approached by prestigious clients to restore and rejuvenate smiles, which reflects his reputation within the industry. Dr. Aulak has worked with a range of clients, from complex presentations to A-list celebrities and influencers. As one of the UK's leading celebrity dentists, below are a selection of notable private patients seen by Dr. Aulak.

Dr. Aulak has experience in treating patients discreetly and with non-disclosure agreements, feel free to reach out on the contact page to book your latest smile evaluation appointment.

Dr. Aulak and Rita Ora,

Singer / Entertainer

Dr Aulak and Neelam Gill

 International Model

Sinead Harnett


Dr Aulak and Konan (from Krept & Konan)

Award Winning Platinum Musician

Dr Aulak and Stefflon Don

Award Winning Musician 

Dr Aulak and Anne Marie

Award Winning Musician 

Dr Aulak and Alex Lacazette

Arsenal Captain, France International Footballer

Dr Aulak and Fredo

Award Winning Musician 

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