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This patient had lived his whole life with spacing and discoloured teeth. Through the use of Tooth Fairy teeth straightening system, and composite bonding after whitening we restored his smile in months, and improved his overall smile profile.



This pleasant patient had a traumatic fall, and consequently, one of her teeth expired and turned dark. The patient wished to improve her appearance and close the large gaps within two appointments.


Dr. Aulak conducted two veneers in the middle, working with his master ceramist. Note the grooves in the veneers and staining to match the natural adjacent teeth. 

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Dr. Aulak aesthetically restored this patients dentition, with a key emphasis on function. 



This patients tooth had died and consequently, the tooth darkened and ruined the smile profile of the patient. Through the technique of whitening, and working closely with the lab we were able to restore this patients tooth, without drilling or filling any of the adjacent teeth. Note the realistic features in the new tooth that make it look lifelike.

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Using an artistic flare Dr. Aulak was able to restore this patients smile through simple bonding. This required no drilling, no tooth removal and no injections, and the patient left with a new smile in a single session.



This patient was concerned with his central gap. Dr. Aulak used a hybrid technique of replacing the patient's bridge on one side and using a composite material to restore the other side of the gap, to achieve a beautiful closure. Treatment time - 2 appointments, total time 3 hours.

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Core &



This patient had a traumatic fall that destroyed his front teeth. Using fiber posts, Dr. Aulak was able to recreate crowns and restored the patient's function. A great result that required no teeth to be extracted.



This patient had numerous cavities at the front of her smile, with dark stains and patchy areas.

We decided to restore her front four teeth with veneers, after a course of whitening.

The details veneers fitted in perfectly with her smile with her exact details and requirements taken into account by Dr. Aulak.



Spot Removal


This patient had white spots that were affecting his confidence.


Firstly the patient whitened, and then in a single appointment Dr. Aulak was able to remove the white spots with no drilling, no injections and no discomfort for the patient. 



In cosmetic dentistry, one of the hardest things to do is to restore a single front tooth and to match it to its neighbors.


This patients crown was replaced due to poor aesthetics, and Dr. Aulak was able to match the most specific detail, such as grooves in the natural teeth, deep yellow stains as well as translucent patterns at the tip of the crown. Notice the margin at the gum, it fits in perfectly against the tooth compared to the old crown. 


This patient had no teeth that could keep in a denture and was frustrated with loose and uncomfortable dentures.


Dr. Aulak placed implants, with a metal bar, that then meant the patient could have a denture that clipped on effortlessly. A permanent bridge is also possible in this case.







Closing spaces can be conducted through a number of techniques. In this case the patient wanted a quick and reversible technique.


Using no injections and no drilling, Dr. Aulak layered tooth coloured material onto the teeth to close the spaces. No healthy tooth tissue was removed and the whole procedure was done in one appointment, with an optional appointment to polish the material. Completely reversible if the patient wishes to change anything.





Using tooth coloured material, without any injections or drilling, this patients space was closed within one appointment.


The whole procedure is reversible and patient-led, meaning the patient chooses the exact design and features of the space closure with Dr. Aulak.



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