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Bleeding Gums

Many patients ask me "Why do my gums bleed?" especially whilst brushing. Even though it is an alarming sight, the bleeding from your gums are usually due to inflammation.

The best way i describe it to my patients, is that the bleeding is a defensive mechanism from your body, to help fight what ever is irritating the gums at that area. For example, a busy period may render you to forget your strict oral hygiene, in turn which allows the collection of plaque and bacteria against the teeth.

If left long enough, this can begin to irritate the gums - which in turn cause inflammation. This inflammation is partly a defensive mechanism of your body to bring defensive cells and fight what ever is irritating the body.

Here is the problem - the bacteria is on the outside of the body, collecting on your teeth, and therefore the inflammation worsens and worsens. Thats where the partnership between myself and my patients come in - together we can help remove this plaque build up, therefore reducing inflammation and hence the bleeding.

Take home message: do not be scared by bleeding within the mouth, rather pay more attention to it. Use floss and interdental brushes through the area, and you will see a direct correlation of reduced bleeding - due to improve cleaning.

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