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Why do i have bad breath?

Bad breath isnt always as complicated to get rid of as it seems.

In certain circumstances, gum disease or an infected tooth can render the mouth to become noxious. But in other circumstances simple tips can help in removing bad breath (Halitosis).

Some key tips are include brushing your tongue, which can collect debris and contribute to bad breath (special tongue cleaners can help). Other ways to reduce this can include flossing - which can help remove old food and bacteria debris between the teeth - which mouthwash and brushing may not do.

I find some patients who also keep there lips closed for long periods of time (especially those who are clenches) - can contribute to bad breath - simply allowing yourself to breath through your mouth often can help increase airway through the oral cavities. Drinking fluids such as water can definitely help (coffee can have an negative effect as it is known to be dehydrating, as well as smoking).

A combination of these techniques can ensure you avoid bad breath. If you feel it is more sinister, then a good dental examination will help in finding the source.

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